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Amanita agglutinata (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Lloyd (detailed)
Amanita albertellarum Tulloss & Kudzma nom. prov. (incomplete)
Amanita albida Yadw. Singh & M. Kaur (incomplete)
Amanita albocreata G. F. Atk. (detailed)
Amanita albopulverulenta (Beeli) Tulloss (detailed)
Amanita aliena Wartchow & Cortez (incomplete)
Amanita alpinicola Cripps & J. Lindgr. (incomplete)
Amanita altipes Zhu L. Yang, M. Weiss & Oberw. (detailed)
Amanita ameripanthera Tulloss, J. Lindgr., Kudzma, S. D. Russell, Haelew. & Geml nom. prov. (detailed)
Amanita aprica J. Lindgr. & Tulloss (detailed)
Amanita armeniaca A. E. Wood (detailed)
Amanita aurantiovelata Schalkw. & G. M. Jansen (detailed)
Amanita aurantisquamosa Trueblood, O. K. Mill. & Dav. T. Jenkins (detailed)
Amanita austropulchella f. mcalpiniana (Cleland & Cheel) D. A. Reid (incomplete)
Amanita austrowellsii Tulloss et al. nom. prov. (incomplete)

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Amanita bingensis (Beeli) R. Heim (detailed)
Amanita breckonii Thiers & Ammirati (detailed)
Amanita brunneoconulus Bas & Gröger (detailed)

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Amanita calochroa C. Simmons, T. Henkel & Bas (detailed)
Amanita chrysoblema (white variant) G. F. Atk. in Kauffman (incomplete)
Amanita chrysoleuca Pegler (detailed)
Amanita chrysoleuca sensu O. K. Mill. et al. sensu (incomplete)
Amanita concentrica T. Oda, C. Tanaka & Tsuda (detailed)
Amanita conicogrisea A. E. Wood (detailed)
Amanita crematelloides A. E. Wood (detailed)
Amanita crenulata Peck (detailed)
Amanita cruzii O. K. Mill. & Lodge (detailed)

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Amanita diemii Singer (detailed)

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Amanita elata (Massee) Corner & Bas (detailed)
Amanita eliae Quél. (detailed)
Amanita eliae var. griseovelata Bertault ex Neville & Poumarat (incomplete)

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Amanita farinosa Schwein. (detailed)
Amanita farinosa sensu Thiers sensu (detailed)
Amanita farinosa sensu Zhu L. Yang sensu (incomplete)
Amanita fibrillopes O. K. Mill. (detailed)
Amanita flavopantherina Yang-Yang Cui, Qing Cai & Zhu L. Yang
Amanita frostiana (Peck) Sacc. (detailed)
Amanita frostiana var. pallidipes Peck insuff. known (detailed)

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Amanita gemmata (Fr.) Bertillon in Dechambre (detailed)
Amanita gioiosa S. Curreli (detailed)
Amanita gleocystidiosa Boonprat. & Parnmen nom. inval. (incomplete)
Amanita grandis (Bougher) Justo (incomplete)
Amanita grandispora (G. W. Beaton, Pegler & T. W. K. Young) Justo (incomplete)
Amanita grauiana Garrido (detailed)
Amanita griseopantherina Yang-Yang Cui, Qing Cai & Zhu L. Yang
Amanita guzmanii Cifuentes, Villegas & Santiago (detailed)

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Amanita hallingiana Tulloss, Geml & G. M. Muell. nom. prov. (incomplete)
Amanita heterochroma S. Curreli ex S. Curreli (detailed)
Amanita hormaniorum nom. prov. (incomplete)
Amanita hovae Bouriquet insuff. known (incomplete)

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Amanita ibotengutake T. Oda, C. Tanaka & Tsuda (detailed)
Amanita inculta (Bougher) Justo (incomplete)

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Amanita kwangsiensis Y. C. Wang (detailed)

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Amanita lanivolva Bas (detailed)

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Amanita melleialba Zhu L. Yang, Q. Cai & Yang Y. Cui
Amanita melleiceps Hongo (detailed)
Amanita merxmuelleri Bresinsky & Garrido (detailed)
Amanita microspora O. K. Mill. (detailed)
Amanita mira Corner & Bas (detailed)
Amanita monticulosa (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Sacc. (detailed)
Amanita morenoi Raithelh. (detailed)
Amanita multisquamosa Peck (detailed)
Amanita murinoflammeum Tulloss, A. M. Young & A. E. Wood (detailed)
Amanita muscaria (L. : Fr.) Lam. (detailed)
Amanita muscaria subsp. flavivolvata Singer (detailed)
Amanita muscaria var. guessowii Veselý (detailed)
Amanita muscaria var. inzengae Neville & Poumarat (incomplete)

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Amanita nehuta G. S. Ridl. (detailed)
Amanita nigrescens G. Stev. (detailed)

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Amanita obsita Corner & Bas (detailed)
Amanita oleosa (Bougher & T. Lebel) Justo (incomplete)
Amanita orientigemmata Zhu L. Yang & Yoshim. Doi (detailed)

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Amanita pakistanica Tulloss, S. H. Iqbal & A. N. Khalid (detailed)
Amanita pantherina (DC. : Fr.) Krombh. (detailed)
Amanita pantherina var. abietum (E.-J. Gilbert) Veselý (incomplete)
Amanita pantherinoides (Murrill) Murrill (detailed)
Amanita parcivolvata (Peck) E.-J. Gilbert (detailed)
Amanita parvipantherina Zhu L. Yang, M. Weiss & Oberw. (detailed)
Amanita persicina (Dav. T. Jenkins) Tulloss & Geml (detailed)
Amanita petalinivolva Wartchow (incomplete)
Amanita praecox Lamoureux nom. prov. (detailed)
Amanita pseudobreckonii N. Siegel and C. F. Schwarz nom. prov. (incomplete)
Amanita pseudogemmata Hongo (detailed)
Amanita pseudoinculta Justo (incomplete)
Amanita pseudopantherina Zhu L. Yang ex Yang-Yang Cui, Qing Cai & Zhu L. Yang
Amanita pseudospreta Raithelh. (detailed)
Amanita pseudosychnopyramis Y. Y. Cui, Q. Cai & Zhu L . Yang (incomplete)
Amanita pubescens sensu Coker sensu (incomplete)
Amanita pudica (Beeli) E.-J. Gilbert (detailed)
Amanita pulverotecta Bas (detailed)

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Amanita regalis (Fr.) Michael (detailed)
Amanita rhodophylla Beeli (detailed)
Amanita robusta Beeli (detailed)
Amanita roseitincta (Murrill) Murrill (detailed)
Amanita roseophylla Dav. T. Jenkins (detailed)
Amanita rubrovolvata S. Imai (detailed)
Amanita rufoferruginea Hongo (detailed)
Amanita russuloides (Peck) Sacc. (detailed)

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Amanita shorea M. Kaur & Yadw. Singh (incomplete)
Amanita siamensis R. Sanmee, Zhu L. Yang, P. Lumyong & S. Lumyong (detailed)
Amanita silvatica Guzmán (detailed)
Amanita sinensis Zhu L. Yang (detailed)
Amanita sinensis var. subglobispora Zhu L. Yang, T. H. Li & X. L. Wu (detailed)
Amanita stranella E.-J. Gilbert & Snell insuff. known (detailed)
Amanita striatuloides A. E. Wood (detailed)
Amanita subfrostiana Zhu L. Yang (detailed)
Amanita subglobosa Zhu L. Yang (detailed)
Amanita subparvipantherina Zhu L. Yang, Q. Cai & Yang-Yang Cui (incomplete)
Amanita subrecutita (Murrill) Murrill (detailed)
Amanita subremota (Cooke & Massee) A. M. Young (incomplete)
Amanita subvaginata (Cleland & Cheel) E.-J. Gilbert (detailed)
Amanita subvelatipes Tulloss, Haelewaters, Geml, & K. W. Hughes nom. prov. (incomplete)
Amanita sulcatissima Bas (incomplete)
Amanita sychnopyramis Corner & Bas (detailed)

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Amanita taiepa G. S. Ridl. (detailed)
Amanita tlaxcalipanthera Tulloss, Haelew., Geml, S. D. Russell and A. Kong nom. prov. (incomplete)
Amanita toxica Lazo nom. inval. (detailed)

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Amanita umbrinella E.-J. Gilbert & Cleland (detailed)
Amanita umbrinelloides A. E. Wood (detailed)
Amanita umbrinidisca (Murrill) Murrill (detailed)
Amanita ushuaiensis (Raithelh.) Raithelh. (partially detailed)

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Amanita velatipes G. F. Atk. (detailed)
Amanita viscidolutea Menolli, Capelari & Baseia (incomplete)
Amanita volvarielloides B. J. Rees insuff. known (incomplete)

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Amanita wellsii (Murrill) Murrill (detailed)

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Amanita xanthocephala (Berk.) D. A. Reid & R. N. Hilton (detailed)
Amanita xerocybe Bas (detailed)
Amanita xylinivolva Tulloss, Ovrebo & Halling (detailed)

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Amanita sp-34 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-Arora-00-328 cryptonom. temp. (detailed)
Amanita sp-Arora-01-536 cryptonom. temp. (detailed)
Amanita sp-AUS12 Tulloss, Kudzma & S. D. Russell cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-AUS14 Tulloss & Kudzma cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-AUS18 Tulloss & Kudzma cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-AZ07 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-AZ16 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-C19 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-C21 cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-C33 Tulloss, S. D. Russell & M. Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-DED-8271 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (detailed)
Amanita sp-HON02 Tulloss & G. M. Muell. cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-LG1045 Tulloss, Geml, & Grubisha cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-LG458 Tulloss, Geml & Grubisha cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-LG862 Tulloss, Geml & Grubisha cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-M17 Tulloss et al. cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-M20 Tulloss et al. cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-M21 Tulloss et al. cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-M22 Tulloss et al. cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-N08 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (detailed)
Amanita sp-N19 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (detailed)
Amanita sp-N60 cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-PR01 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-S01 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (detailed)
Amanita sp-T22 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (detailed)
Amanita sp-T45 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
Amanita sp-WY01 Tulloss cryptonom. temp. (incomplete)
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The type species of this autonymic taxon is the type of the genus.

Amanita sect. Amanita comprises all and only those taxa of A. subgenus Amanita that during development have the future basidiome placed eccentrically upward in the primordium.  This usually results in the mature basidiome have a bulb at the base of the stipe.  Exceptions occur in those species in which the basal bulb narrows as the stipe lengthens and widens.  Amanita aprica is an example of a species in the present section in which the latter post-primordial development diminishes the stipe's basal bulb.

A number of the taxa in this section contain compounds causing the Pantherine Syndrome in humans and other animals.

The supraspecific subdivisions provided for this section should all be considered provisional (in most cases the names are not published).  The systematics of the section is under study morphologically by RET and ZLY.  The subdivisions presented at the present time will undoubtedly be subject to extensive revision. 

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