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Historic notes related to early postings of GenBank accession numbers related to certain voucher collections.
Legacy News (from old "Amanita Studies" site, fragmentary)

1-4 December 2021

Updated technical tabs: Amanita hormaniorum, A. levistriata, A. sp-N50. 1-30 November 2021

New name: Amanita bynumrunensis is a tiny species of sect. Vaginatae that was found in Maryland.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita argentea, A. bynumrunensis, A. calisorora, A. fulvoides, A. instannea, A. olivaceogrisea, A. sp-C21, and A. sp-KY01.

Updated technical tabs: Amanita alpinicola, A. audubonensis, A. aurorae, A. bensonensis, A. bynumrunensis, A. calisorora, A. coprinopsoides, A. dryophila, A. glenosomma, A. halleniana, A. justicei, A. magniverrucata, A. penetrans, A. penetratrix, A. sp-C21, A. sp-DEUT04, A. sp-KY01, A. sp-KY02, A. sp-MO4, A. sp-NW09, A. sp-T48, A. subbasiana, and A. trygonion.

1-31 October 2021

New and altered names: Amanita domingensis was described in 2020 from the Dominican Republic.  A taxon page is initiated for it.

Amanita sp-AZ28 is retired permanently and replaced by the provisional name A. instannea.  The entity in question has been identified by some as A. H. Smith's provisionally named Amanita stannea; however the two taxa do not conform morphologically.

"Amanita sp-T33" is retired permanently and the contents of its description are being merged with the description of Amanita trygonion.  This now means we have two good, independent, descriptions of the latter species.

We also have confirmed a second collection of A. sp-T48 with additional illustrations to be added to WAO.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita sp-T48 and A. trygonion.

Updated techtabs: Amanita arenicola, A. aurorae, A. coprinopsoides, A. justicei, A. sp-AZ28, A. sp-MO04 A. sp-T48, and A. trygonion.

1-30 September 2021

New and renamed taxon pages: Amanita sp-FRAN02—a white-capped species of section Vaginatae sent to the Roosevelt herbarium as "A. vaginata var. alba" and having a previously unrecorded DNA sequence.  At long last, A. canadensis has been merged with A. peckianaAmanita sp-F05 has become A. floridella and the code number has been retired.

A new page has been introduced in skeletal form for the provisionally named A. sylviae.  It was collected in Arkansas, near Lake Sylvia by Jay Justice.

A new page in skeletal form has been introduced for A. kinkybranchensis that was collected near Kinky Branch Creek in eastern Texas by David P. Lewis.

Amanita halleniana is proposed provisionally in honor or our colleague, Dr. Heaher Hallen-Adams. The species is assignable to the Vaginatae and was found in Nebraska.

A new page in skeletal form has been introduced for A. subbasiana that was collected in in Wake County, NC by Geoff Balme. This species is genetically close to A. basiana and shares with the latter species a friable volva.

A new page has been introduced in skeletal form for the provisionally named A. saltpointensis.  It was collected at Salt Point California by Ron Pastorino.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita calisorora and A. sp-S12.

Updated techtabs: Amanita alseides, A. fulva unsequenced specimens corral, A. argentea, A. aurorae, A. bensonensis, A. bleakwoodensis, A. constricta, A. elongatior, A. floridella, A. glenosomma, A. halleniana, A. huijsmanii, A. kinkybranchensis, A. obconicobasis, A. onusta, A. peckiana, A. pseudovolvata, A. rhodinsulae, A. sharkriverensis, A. sp-S18, A. strobiliformis, A. sylviae, A. vaginata var. alba, A. wellsii, and A. zayantensis.

1-31 August 2021

New taxon page: Amanita bleakwoodensis of section Vaginatae—based on a David P. Lewis collection from his hometown.

Updated techtabs: Amanita aurorae, A. bensonensis, A. bisporigera, A. bleakwoodensis, A. clarionensis, A. crassiputamen, A. finisprovinciae, A. insinuans, A. justicei, A. magniradix, A. obconicobasis, A. penetratrix, A. rooseveltensis, A. sp-M25, A. sp-MO03, A. sp-S14, and A. sp-SAfr02.

1-31 July 2021

Updated techtabs: Amanita aurorae, A. bellulasinu, A. constricta, A. crassiputamen, A. fulva, A. georgiensis, A. huijsmanii, A. justicei, A. longicuneoides, A. longicuneus, A. mairei, A. morrisii, A. obconicobasis, A. pahasapaensis, A. paludosa, A. penetrans, A. rhacopus, A. rooseveltensis, A. simulans, A. sp-M25, A. sp-MO10, and A. subaurorae.

1-30 June 2021

Merged pages: Amanita sp-amerifulva02 is merged into Amanita fulva.

New taxon pages: Amanita degroveitibiale, A. sp-F21 A. sp-JPN01, A. sp-Thai04, and A. subaurorae.

Updated brief tab: Amanita carolinensis.

Updated techtabs: Amanita albemarlensis, A. albiceps, A. americrocea, A. aurorae, A. carolinensis, A. degroveitibiale, A. elongatior, A. fulva, A. georgiensis, A. justicei, A. magniverrucata, A. ostendemihi, A. penetrans, A. rooseveltensis, A. sarahae, A. sp-CROAT01, A. sp-F20, A. sp-ID01, A. sp-NFL03,, A. sp-S17, A. sp-S18, A. sp-S19, A. sp-F21, A. sp-TANZ01, A. subaurorae A. texasorora, A. umbrinolutea, A. whetstoneae, and A. williamsiae.

1-31 May 2021

New taxon pages: Amanita aurorae and A. sp-Arora-00-378.

Names consolidated: Amanita sp-F21 and A. sp-T47 are combined in the new name A. aurorae.

Updated techtabs: Amanita albemarlensis, A. albiceps, A. batonrougensis, A. bellulasinu, A. bisporigera, A. clarionensis, A. collisus, A. georgiensis, A. huijsmanii, A. justicei, A. magniverrucata, A. ostendemihi, A. penetrans, A. penetratrix, A. rooseveltensis, A. sp-Arora-00-378, A. sp-CROAT01, A. sp-F18, A. sp-F19, A. sp-S16, A. sp-S17, A. suballiacea, A. spreta, A. supravolvata, A. texasorora, A. wasilewskii, and A. zayantensis.

25 April 2021

Updated techtab: Amanita smithiana.

14-16 April 2021

Validation: Amanita amerivirosa was validated on 31 March.

Updated techtabs: Amanita amerivirosa, A. bisporigera, A. helmettensis, and A. sturgeonii.

7-8 March 2021

Apparently new taxa: Amanita sp-S17, A. sp-S18, and A. sp-S19 have been added to the site. The odd-numbered taxa belong to section AmidellaAmanita sp-S18 is assignable to section Vaginatae.

Name change: Amanita sp-longicuneus03 is retired and replaced with the provisional name A. longicuneoides.

Update techtabs: Amanita amerivirosa, A. longicuneoides, A. sp-S17, A. sp-S18, A. sp-S19, and A. sp-T51.

4 March 2021

New taxon: Amanita sp-T51 has been added in section Amidella.

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-T51.

19 February 2021

New taxon: Amanita sp-65 of section Vaginatae is a predominantly white species from Pennsylvania.

Updated techtab: Amanita obconicobasis.

11 February 2021

Updated techtabs: Amanita coryli, A. finisprovinciae, A. protecta, A.sp-54, A. sp-NW04, A. sp-OR01, and A. texasorora

29 January - 1 February 2021

Updated brief tab: Amanita neocaesariensis.

Updated techtabs: Amanita clarionensis, A. farinosa sensu Thiers, and A. neocaesariensis.

21-26 January 2021

Updated techtabs: Amanita olivaceogrisea, A. paludosa, A. pseudopenetrans, A. sp-ROSS01, A. sp-ROSS02, and A. supravolvata.

17-18 January 2021

New taxon pages: Two apparently new taxa from Siberia are Amanita sp-ROSS01 and A. sp-ROSS02 are initiated with the collaboration of Tatiana Bulyonkova.

4-8 January 2021

Updated techtabs: Amanita huijsmanii, A. mairei, A. neocaesariensis, A. pascagoula, and A. spadicea.

1-2 January 2021

Taxon page chages: Amanita sp-NFL06 has been merged with A. sp-N63 on morphological and genetic grounds.  The temporary code "sp-NFL06" will be permanently retired.

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-N63.

Updated techtabs: Amanita huijsmanii and A. sp-N63.

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